LUC Capstone Theses of Merit: 2015

LUC is very pleased to announce the recipients of its Thesis of Merit award, which is extended to all students whose Capstone thesis sufficiently meets specific scholarly criteria. Eight theses were awarded merit, congratulations to all awardees!

Thesis of Merit & Brill-Nijhof Writing Award

Lena Volmer (Global Justice, BA)
Can The International Criminal Court Compel Medical Humanitarian Organizations to Cooperate in its Investigations and Proceedings?
Supervisor: Dan Saxon

Thesis of Merit

Ruben van Zoest (World Politics, BA)
The Dictate of Reason: Did More Technocracy Lead to Better Economic Development in the Resource-Rich Global South?
Supervisor: Anar Ahmadov

Silke Mooldijk (Global Justice, BA)
The Invisible Problem: The Inadequacies of the International Legal Framework in Mitigating Microplatic Contamination of the High Seas
Supervisor: Bríd Walsh

Kristian Kristensen (Sustainability, BSc)
EU Emission Trading Scheme: Effective Reduction or in Need of Help?
Supervisor: Anar Ahmadov

Dylan Richardson (Sustainability, BSc)
A Review of Land-Use Regression Techniques to Improve Human Air Pollution Exposure Assessments
Supervisor: Paul Behrens

Sien van der Plank (Sustainability, BSc)
The effect of Community Engagement on the Perceptions of Mining: A case Study from Southeast Australia
Supervisor: Bríd Walsh

Johana Renz (Policy Science, BSc)
Developing a Measure of Perceived Election Irregularities in Nigeria. A Novel Approach Using Crowdsourced Data
Supervisor: David Ehrhardt

Theresa Lieb (International Development, BSc)
Flourishing Cities Against Hunger: Using Geographic Information Systems To Assess The Potential Contribution Of Urban Agricultural Production To Improve Food Security In Sao Paulo, Brazil
Supervisor: David Ehrhardt

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