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The LUC community does not stop at graduation. Rather, a new phase awaits, one in which Evolucio, aims to connect LUC’s graduates with each other and the college. After receiving your Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Sciences degree from LUC The Hague, a promising future awaits you. Many LUC graduates go on to pursue master degrees at universities in the Netherlands or elsewhere, whereas other graduates prefer to do an internship first. Either way, Evolucio believes it is important to maintain the close ties between LUC alumni, but also with the college. 

The diversity of the LUC alumni creates a unique global network, and Evolucio offers a platform to engage alumni on a global scale, by organising alumni events, sending out newsletters, updating the Evolucio LinkedIn group, keeping in touch with alumni, and updating them on each other’s accomplishments, but also on the development of LUC The Hague. The alumni experience can be very valuable, it can offer you a network of like-minded people, perhaps even the possibility that will lead you to your future job, but most importantly, it can offer you a second family.

Launch of Evolucio during LUC's first Graduation Ceremony in 2013

Launch of Evolucio during LUC's first Graduation Ceremony in 2013

Evolucio was launched during the first graduation ceremony of LUC The Hague, on 22nd June 2013, and is represented in the newly established LUC The Hague Foundation. Since then, it has organised several reunion events, such as drinks at the Plein, a tour of the new college building, but also an ice-skating event in Scheveningen, and they are continuously coming up with new ideas. Evolucio also has a website, on which it publishes articles about events at LUC The Hague, updates from fellow alumni, and an overview of what the current LUC alumni are up to.

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For more information please visit the Evolucio website.

Last Modified: 30-06-2014